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Using Hard Data to Define and Refine Link Building Outreach

The Page One Power Method 

Are you ready to take your link building efforts to the next level? Do you want to get the best returns on your outreach investments? 

In this webinar, Operations Analyst Ben Dahlman and Leads Coordinator Jordan Yocum from Page One Power will show you how they've organized their data to supercharge their link building efforts at scale. 

The Page One Power team loves building links, but they don’t love it when people delete or ignore their outreach emails. They’ve leveraged a suite of tools in order to help improve their open and reply rates, maximizing the effectiveness of their link building outreach campaigns. 

With this webinar, you'll get an up-close view of how Page One Power has refined every step of their link building process. From finding and labeling target sites, to identifying influencers, you'll walk away with actionable tips you can apply to your own outreach campaigns.

You'll learn how to:

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Define which metrics are important to your campaign and filter out the white noise.

Set up your link building campaign to measure success.

Use data to improve workflow and increase efficiency.

Gain insight into your link building efforts and discover solutions to roadblocks.





Jordan Yocum

SEO expert and market analyst at Page One Power


Jordan is the proud father to two beautiful crazy girls, and husband to an amazing wife. During the day Jordan masquerades as an SEO expert and market analyst at Page One Power (among other titles). At night, when not with his family, he is mastering the craft of being a legendary hip hop emcee.

Meet Our Speakers

Ben is operations analyst at Page One Power. He started his tenure as a link builder, spent time as a head of the research department, and now works to optimize operations using a data-based approach. Ben brings a mathematical and data-driven approach to solving problems. He loves good BBQ, beating his friends at video games, and his dogs Tron and Reagan.

Ben Dahlman

Operations Analyst at Page One Power


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