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Outreach Personalization Masterclass

The 4 Step Framework to Dramatically Increasing Replies, Links, and Buzz

But the truth is that each email not only calls for a different level of personalization, but a different type of personalization. 

Some authors appreciate knowing that you've read their latest blog post, while others roll their eyes at seeing their headlines in your email. The writing style that catches the attention of a journalist who writes for a big publication may get a "meh" from a niche blogger.  

In an age where everyone is now "personalizing" their outreach emails, how can you make your messages stand out?

Join BuzzStream's Paul May and Siege Media's Ross Hudgens as they explain the 4-step framework to crazy targeted outreach personalization.

You'll learn:

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We all know that personalizing your outreach is important.

How to determine the appropriate level of personalization for each prospect
What criteria you can use to segment your prospects for more effective messaging 
Three strategic approaches to personalizing your outreach, with variations 
Real world examples of these tactics in action





Paul May is the co-founder and CEO of BuzzStream, the outreach CRM for digital PR and link building. Founded in 2008, BuzzStream is used by over 2,000 customers worldwide. Paul has worked in the software industry for over twenty years and has been responsible for the marketing and product management of several startups.

Paul May, CEO of BuzzStream


Ross Hudgens, Founder of Siege Media


Ross Hudgens founded Siege Media in August of 2012. Siege, now going on five years old, grew 262% over the past three years. Before Siege, Ross worked in the insurance and mortgage space building websites from launch to #1 rankings for extremely competitive queries. Ross’ work has been featured on, Search Engine Land, Forbes, AOL, Hacker News, among other outlets.

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