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Getting Coverage in 2020:

Analysis & Insights from over 200,000 Articles

As PR Professionals, in order to ensure coverage, we know we need to pay close attention to what journalists need and what they think makes a great story. However, in real terms, this can be incredibly difficult.

We wanted to demystify the landscape by using data from the articles actually being published, in order to give insight into what will be most likely to resonate with journalists.

To this end we've taken a deep-dive into five verticals: Tech, Travel, Health, Entertainment, and Personal Finance. Within each vertical we looked at 20 publishers; and for each publisher, we analyzed both the most recently published 1,000 articles, plus 1,000 of the most shared articles within the past 12 months. 

Key findings include:

What do journalists want?

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“As the whitepaper alludes to with its introduction, what makes a story ‘great’ varies wildly depending on your specialism, format, and intended audience. Data and research like this is vital ensuring PR and comms practitioners can plan and prepare their work as efficiently as possible. It optimises the content ideation and creation process to ensure that, as an industry, we are producing deliverable with genuine, authentic impact – two values that both consumers and businesses are crying out for.”

The assets journalists are looking for 

The topics which are getting the most coverage

The vernacular journalists are using

The publications to prioritize

How to tailor your pitches

Whether there really is a "best" day to pitch







Harry Gardiner

Communications and Social Media Manager


We'd like to thank the following people for providing expert commentary, and sharing their insights and thoughts on this study:

Andy Barr, Owner of 10 Yetis

Jasmine Birtles, Personal Finance Journalist and Founder of MoneyMagpie

Alex Cassidy, Head of Outreach at Verve Search

Surena Chande, Former Entertainment Journalist

Sophie Hines, Freelance Travel Journalist

Shannon McGuirk, Head of PR at Aira

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